Poems of My Mother

Catherine Dove Gibbs


Mabel Dove


After looking in the dictionary, I think I should simply call the following “some lines that rhyme.” For I do not presume to claim that these are a poetry I only felt the urge to express myself in rhymes, wishing they might be good, but knowing full well they are not. A Confession: This awful junk isn’t worth reading, I know it , but yet I will write. I ‘spose I just set my mouth going.


When all the ground with snow is white,
The merry snowbird comes,
And hops about with great delight,
To find the scattered crumbs.

How glad he seems to be to find,
A piece of cake or bread(or )
He wears no shoes upon his feet,
No hat upon his head.

But happiest is he ,I know,
Because no cage with bars,
Keeps him from walking on the snow,
And printing it with stars.


Soon after the death of my dear mother, Julia McCluer Dove, September 19,1927

In Mother’s Garden

I walked in my Mother’s garden,
Sore bereftt, at the close of the day.
And my heart was heavy and pained with grief-
God had summoned the gardener away!

But the flowers still bloomed in the beauty,
Bright visions of color and form.
So fragile their petals might fall at a touch,
Or fade at the breath of a storm.

My heart questioned why, in its sorrow,
Must this being of brightness and worth
Thus vanish in pain from our presence away,
Yet frail flowers adorn still the earth.

Came the answer; “As on earth, so in Heaven,
There is need for hearts, loving and true,
As she and her flowers spread comfort and cheer
She in Heaven gives sweet service too.”

My heart then felt solace and comfort
As I thought she was now free from pain,
And yet serving the Master with gladness and love,
Please God, I would follow her train!

-Mabel Dove Gibbs


To Our Son

‘Twas it yesterday,(ah, but it seems so long?
How quickly life’s sands do run!)
That my heart sang a new and poignant song,
When my arms first enfolde my son.

He was given to us – as an answer to prayer,
How deeply our hearts did rejoice!
And we prayed the Lord’s way he would help to prepare
A new “John”, called to be a new “voice”.

This the vision we held: and through fast changing years,
How sweetly the budding life grew!
And through bungling we tried, mid our hopes and our fears,
To the vision and task to be true.

How we love him, what joy he has given our hearts!
How strong , clean and true is his youth.
The “one thing thou lackest”, He only imparts,
Who the way is, the life, and the truth.

Oh my Son, in life pathways are pitfalls and sands,
And many a storm and fierce shocks.
But there ‘s One offers you a foundation that stands,
Take it now- build your life on that Rock.



To My Dear Friend Myrtle

So you had a birthday,
And didn’t let me know!
It came upon me unawares,
Oh my, but am I slow!

I’m surely glad you had one,
Your first one, don’t you know,
And so I think it’s not too late,
To speak and tell you so.

For if you hand’t had one
There’s something fine and sweet,
No line might break nor gap remain
Unfilled where death assails.

“Ah,where can life’s rewards be found
So high, so ever sure,
As those that come from hearts of men’
And evermore endure.

How much God needs your voice today
This day of deep unrest!
To sound clear and fearless note
Which heeding ,man is blest.
No lines might break nor gap remain
Unfilled where Death assailed.

Ah, where can life’s rewards. Be found.
So high, so ever sure,
As those that come from heart of men
And evermore endure.

How much God needs your voice today.
This day of deep unrest.
To sound a clear and fearless note.
Which heeding man is blest.



To John on his Birthday 1946, April 3,

Another year has slipped away.
Again your birthdays here,
Reminding me at length again,
Of one I hold most dear.

What joys and hopes we saw within
Your tiny baby hand,
What life you shed within our hearts,
Not seen on sea or land!
How wonderful to see that you
In height and wisdom grew.
To see that more than mischief could
That roguish mind imbibe.

What hopes and dreams and plans we had
For what your life might hold.
What prayers that we might not constrain
Your choice , but gently mold.

Your father longed that you might take
The torch when his hand failed.

I would have missed from out my life
That’s been a special treat.

And I am truly grateful,
That you have come my ways,
Your friendship means so much to me
I’d love to have you stay!

If someone who has magic,
His “wishing well” could lend I’d wish our love might grow right on,
And never, Never, end.

May all your skies grow brighter,
With every year I Pray.
Like paths of just men shining more.
Unto the Perfect Day!

-Mable Dove Gibbs


On Ethel’s Birthday – May 23, 1946

So one of these “can’t get around it’s”
Has come to my Ethel again!
A “must be” in every mans’ language living.
So we bear it , and sometimes we grin.

All the same we’re chagrined that time’s foot prints
So plainly on us can be seen,
And we try to outwit the old tyrant.
But he knows all the tricks – he’s that keen!

Yes, we grin as our vision turns backward,
And we see what we got with the years.
Love, Friendship and work, baby fingers.
Joy grief, – but more gladness than tears.

And a warn wave of thankfulness fills us.
So much has been ours, and still is.
And we long to give of our fullness.-
For the gifts and the blessing are His.

Now one of the gifts that I treasure,
Is the friendship of someone like you.
It is something that often been tested.
And always found faithful and true.

So this is my prayer for your birthday.
May this year and all others be bright.
As with sure, growing sense of His presence.
You serenely advance toward the light.



On Julie’s Birthday – October 15, 1946

The days of the years of my life –
To go deep into that, is it best?
Except a glance back and one forward in faith.
And then on today, where it rests.

I wish that today and all others.
Good health and contentment you’ll know.
And devotion on love to the Father above,
And to all you may see help here below.

So I say “Happy Birthday” to you,
And a “Thank you” to God that you came.
For you brought us great joy (with a Little alloy)
And you brought to our Hearts a new Flame.

Now I pray that the days out ahead.,
May bring joy and fulfillment to you,
That your life may expand in heart and in hand,
With the Happieness doubled – for two!



To My First Granddaugther – Nov 8, 1946

Ah, so you have come, what a glad happy day!
Although you were just a bit early.
I rejoice that you are here, and I’m hoping your eyes
Will be blue and your hair curly.

But hair curly or straight, eyes brown, green or blue
You are welcome , most welcome to me.
And you hair is just right whatever the hue.
And your eyes too, as long as they are.

Your family’s agog, from small David to Gram.
And you grandpa Sam, too, when I phoned.

Lesley M. Fri 4 pm

Dink said it was great, would tell it to Dad-
In fact , we’re all feeling high toned.

You see, we’ve been wishing and looking for you.
At your coming our hearts are expanding
And now its almost too good to be true,
That at last you have made a happy landing.

And now ( to change the figures) that your ship is launched well I trust that your mates you will be hailing,
That for you and your Mummy and Daddy all three
There will be lots of fun and smooth sailing.

I’m awfully anxious to find out the name.
Of the hospital where you first cried
The monikers also be which you are called
By those friends of your since you arrived.

For its wanting to put in the paper I am
That each person that knows us to see,
And understand clearly the why of the grin.
That is spread over the glad face of me.



A Valentine – To My Dear Friends

Upon this special day of fate,
A Valentine I send
But tho’ any day’s a splendid date
To think of each dear friends.

Because I want you all to know,
At least a little part
Of what will ever live and grow
For you within my heart.

Please tell that Darling Baby mine,
And Bill so brave and bold,
I want you for my Valentine,
To love and have and hold.

I know a friendly little man
Who is very fat and jolly
Who likes to come round if he can
With mistletoe and holly.

He like to give a big surprise
And tho we guess and guess
In spite of very big surmise
We don’t have much success.

But one cold day he told me
A certain thing or two,
Just listen and you’ll really see
That what I say is true.

But take this little tip from me
And keep it well in mind.
Fresh brew hot fragrant cup of tea
The best that you can find.

Twill warm the cockles of his heart
That thought to him you give
And tho we do a generous part
Give more and help him live.
Dec 1955

There’s something fine I wish for you –
Good health and happieness,
Each day linked up with God a new,
And lived with Him to bless!


Ah, here was a technique
Not easy to match.
And yes one must admire
The ease and dispatch

With which our young damsel
Had made her debut,
A rare “first appearance”
And quite “impromptu”.

And she was e’er moted,
Until she was grown,
For original trends
Distinctly her own.

So its haped by the persons
Who hold her most dear,
She’ll continue the pattern
She set yesteryear.

What patterns of “ease and dispatch”!


The Swift Passing Years

The passing years go hastening only
And naughty can check their pace,
Tho ought we wish life’s reckoning
Might grant a day of grace.

We count each New Year birthday as gift,
A treasure to invest,
That rich returns to god and man
May come from our bequest .

Within my heart a prayer I make,
To use each shining hour,
In ways the rivers direct,
And daily shall empower.

For you this year and all the years,
This is my deep desire.
That life be blest with happiness,
He only can inspire.



To Louise on Her Birthday.

Just now I heard a rumor
Your birthday’s very near!
So here are my best wishes
For a bright and happy prosperous year!

But better than good wishes,
I pray and carnest prayers,
That more and more His Presence
Will make life sweet and fair .

When ways seen dark, uncertain ,
Perplexed, you feel unsure,
Relining on His guidance,
Your heart may rest in secure .

You know so well His friendship,
You’ve proved Him in the past.
May trust each day grow sweeter
And deeper than the last.
And as you’ve scattered sunshine,
Revealed gods skies as blue,
May you continue blessing,
By what you are and so.

-Mabel Dove Gibbs


On Jewel’s Birthday 1949

It doesn’t matter what we do,
When birthdays come hoppin ,
There’s always one to follow each,
And nothing seems to stop them.

You may as well take my advice,
I know just what its like,
When birthdays come and pass on by,
While going down the pike .

Just welcome each one with a grin,
There’s something good they’re givin
In fact when we’ve no more of em
Life won’t be worth the living.

When finally the years have passed,
And there’s no more to borrow,
How fine it will be it will be, if first and last,
We gave more joy than sorrow!


To Kay 1949

Dear, that was a wonderful letter,
It was –well it couldn’t be better.
Made me smile, laugh, and sigh,
Think of days long gone by —
And it made me most deeply your debtor.

I’m sorry to miss the great pleasure,
I’d love having you here, without measure,
If “three days” will seem
A boom to be hailed as a treasure.

So come , tho for shorter or longer ,
For to are you I’m surely “a longer”.
When you come I’ll be glad ,
When you go I’ll be sad –
For my love for you daily grows stronger.

Now if this awful “poem” should slay you,
Stay back, for the law’s on your side,
For killing a thing so atrocious,
Is a “home side” well justified?


A Valentine to John and Eve

In honor of this day of fate,
Although it is a little late,
I send a valentine,
On this, or any other day,
My heart for you both pine!

And this what I want to say,
My daughter and my son,
Pray be my valentine today,
I think it would be such fun!

For if your love for me is great
As is my love for you,
There is no knife that soon or late,
Can cut our love in two.


Frost pictures

One cool and frosty morning,
I rose the day to great,
And saw, the roofs adorning,
The prints of fairy feet.

Or, maybe twas the tracing
Of fairy fingers drift,
A dainty interlacing
Of tapestry they left.

I pet my heart a glowing,
(“twas exquisitely fair!)
In swift response out_ going
To loveliness so rare!

Oh frosty fairy, effin fingers,
You charm me with your art,
Your fragile beauty fingers,
It’s treasured in my heart!

There’s surely a Designer
For every least design,
He must be greater finer
Than any form or line.

So when I view with wonder,
The universe sublime,
I know that over, under,
Still move the Hand Devine!



Dear Lord, we thank thee for this food,
And for all thy gifts so good.
With Living Bread our spirits feed,
And satisfy our soul’s deep need.

As daily we receive Thy care,
Help us with needy, ones to share,
Remembering our Lords decree,
“As ye do to them, ye to Me”.

-MDG, 1949


Comfort August 10, 1949

In this dark hour of grief,
When earths dear we sever.
How comforting the blest belief,
That it is not forever.

For there is one who said,
“He who believes in me.
Shall live again tho he be dead,
Shall live eternally.

Then so dry the falling tear,
For hope is not in vain.
The vanished hand we cherished here,
We’ll elapse in heaven again.

For we by faith can see
Our loved to us restored,
When, reunited, I’ve shall be
Forever with, the lord!


Sent to Mrs. Charles E.Moore and Miss Georgina Smith
On the death of their mothers, Mrs.Estello Smith.
Also to Mrs. G.W.Dudderer on death of her sister,Mrs. Richards


For Mrs.F.Dewy Cornell, August.30, 1950, after her husband was found dead in bed Tuesday morning, August 29, 1950.

“Surely he hath born our griefs and earned our powers”
In this dark hour of grief ,
When love’s dear tie you sever,
How comforting the blest belief,
That it is not forever!

Our there is One who said,
“He who believes in on me,
Shall live again, thee he be dead
Shall live eternally”.
Then so dry the falling tear,
Our hope is not in vain,
The vanished hand we cherished here,
We’ll clasp in heaven again.

By faith our eyes can see,
Our Loved to us restored,
When reunited, we shall be,
Forever with the lord!


To Mrs. W.E. King, whose father died ,when he was visiting.

I pray that you may know
I sympathize with you.
For I have no such comfort tho.
My heart was breaking, too. – MDG

We hear our Savior say,
“I’d never will forsake.
So this you walk a lonely way,
You’ll never be desolate.

Oh I how who walked beside the sea,
And climbed Jardea’s hill,
Who touched the hands outstretched to I thee
With balm for desperate ill’s

Who quieted the tempest’s roar,
And multiplied the bread,
Who healed the leper’s fatal sore,
And brought to life the dead,

Oh, more today among the throungs ,
With peace for all our life.
For still to thee all powers belongs
To give abundant life!



To my Dearest Kay on Her Birthday, September 19,1947

My dear, another birthday
It’s now passing by,
A milestone on the high way,
The years, how fast they fly!

And ah, so soon there fleeting
Has changed my babe so dear,
That now, a woman greeting,
I’m wishing her a good cheer!

And courage, high and daring,
To face each day of life,
The week ones burdens sharing,
And bringing peace for strike.



It is well to remember whenever we’re irked,
By the things that the others may do,
That perhaps they are felling the very same way,
And that maybe a little suffled ,too.

For this is a truth to be pondered with care:
Since none may perfection attain,
We each with the others should gently forbear,
And from speaking unkindly refrain.

There is no one so fortunate understand the sum,
Who has never a fault to be born,
He who judges another very likely is one,
Who also has traits he should mourn.

Alas! Who is empowered
To meet despairing need!
With what a boom be lowered
To make the will, the deed?

But one! The Power God went upon them,
Like living tongues of flame,
Awaits the faith of all men
Who seek it in God’s Name.

“I give a spirit new”
That God’s spirit must imbue,
The very innocent heart lives of men.

Again anew he calls each morn,
“Arise, take Me and live.”

And what is the profit that my can find,
To discuss with unkindness another?
I were better by far to rely something kind.
And to act like a loyal true brother.

We all have rough edge, some crude hidden bent,
That may rude other folk the wrong way,
But if always we act with considerate and gracious intent,
We can smooth them-they’re just made of clay.

The master has said, “Let the man without sin,
Be the one who cast the first stone.”
So if over folks’ fault we are moved to recount,
Let’s forget it, remembering our own!

-M.D.G., 1949


Accompany a tablecloth to John and Eve.

When gratitude the heart both feel.
For food His goodness sent,
It makes of every common meal
A sacred holy sacrament.

When with his needy ones will share,
Poor out to him war best,
We have enough, and room to spare –
He multiplies the rest.

And when the heart its treasure gives.
To him its purpose binds,
That heart then must completely lives,
Life’s rich fulfillment finds.

So when this common cloth you spread,
Upon the common board,
O may you find your souls are fed
With living bread, the Lord!

-Mother Mabel.


To Mrs. Minnie Walters When she broke her arm May 1949

Whatever made you go and break
Your strong and husky arm?
You really have too much at stake
To do yourself such harm!

Perhaps in your subconscious mind,
Repressed and out of sight
You may some old frustration find
That now creates this plight.

Maybe you feel an inner urge,
An impulse most terrific,
To carry out some dark design
With action quite specific.

So see a good psychiatrist,
And psychoanalyze be,
Be if he can’t untie your knots,
Just take some bonesi tea!

But putting nonsense all aside,
I sympathize – no fib,
And hope the arm gets well to stay.
One time I break a rib!


But putting nonsense from your eyes,
I really want to say,
With your I deeply sympathize,
Get Well to stay and don’t delay!


The Tale of the Check

Within this little envelop
A shirt and blouse are hidden;
You say for that you cannot hope,
And think I’m just kidding!

But if you’ll take a little sip,
This little envelope may house,
You may exchange it if you wish
For a natty shirt and blouse.


A Letter to Kay ( So far away!) July 19, 1950

I said, “Today,
I’ll write to Kay. For I give her a letter.
Then when I write, she’ll owe me one,
And that will be much better”

I wish that I might saunter by,
And tea with you imbibe,
But you’re so far I can’t cry
Nor gather all my tribe.

I hope fore long, a day will dawn.
I’ll find more to my liking,
When all my kids will come along
By car or plane or biking!

I suppose that you want what I do,
To you I’ll be revealing,
Well here it is; Good health at length,
It’s all my migraines healings.

And over me The families
Kind watch is ever keeping.
And while Dave spends a week at camp.
A peace is over us creeping.

So here’s a start.
At least in part;

Now first, I be a known
Just how my gals coming on,
And how are things a going?

If you are sick,
Just tell me quick.
Look, Kitten don’t you stall!
Be if the flu or polio,
Come now, my dear, “tell all.”

My mommy kind
Said, “Children mind,
keep always in the pink!
And if you do, you never have
Ole nasty stuff to drink.”

But if one day,
A germ should stay,
Just nip it in the bud,
And like a bomb that wouldn’t play
I will fall just like a bug.
Your darlings wait in that fair land
For you beyond the skies!

Today I want you both to know
I sympathize with you.
For I have known such comfort though
My heart was itching too!

-Mabel Gibbs


A Bread and Butter Letter to Louise Nicklin after visiting them Sept 15-20,1950

Dear Friends of the Nicklin Gaston Tribe,
I pray you bend an ear
To these good wishes that I send
Health, happiness, good cheer!

I wish that I could fully tell
How I enjoyed those days!
I’m sending you most cordial thanks
And singing yet your praise


In Response to a Beautiful Letter of Appreciation from my Dear Son John Aug 18, 1950

My Tribute

You cannot know how I was touched,
By flowers that you sent.
(That tender message on the card,
To me sure blossom meant.)

I felt the smart of unshed tears,
I thought, “He’s giving flowers,
While I their loveliness can see
I’m living conscious hours.

My heart glows warm with gratitude
To God for such a son period.
Rejoices always in his love –
On earth but just begun!
His Mother, Mabel.

The little boys,
Their charming noise,
Are daily much indulging,
The while to help them big to your.
Their tummies fat are bulging.

The mommies dear,
And daddies cheer
Make life well worth the living,
While each one does the best he can,
To others gladly giving.

I want to see
My dear babee.
Please tell me when she’s comin,
And if I know when she was due,
I’d surely come a-runnin!

My best love and kisses
To the sweetheart of misses.
From your fond, loving mother.
(And you’ll ne’er another!)

-Mabilia Dovia Gibbs (latin ?)


On the death of little Douglas Harworth, Two years old
Son of Roy and Eleanor Parwall Harworth.
He died while being operated on for a brain tumor.

When Your Little Boy Went Away. Aug 23, 1950

The little life that gave you joy,
Was by the Father lent
Return to Heaven your little boy,
From which he once was sent.

How gracious seems the grievous fate
That dealt this bitter blow;
Yet through the tears and hearts that ache,
By faith God’s love we know.

By faith we know that though we part
From our beloved in sorrow,
We’ll be united heart to heart
Some happier tomorrow.

And though we cannot understand
Why God your pray denies,

Your darling waits for you in that fair land
For you beyond the skies!

Today I want you both to know
I sympathize with you,
For I have known such comfort, though
My heart was aching, too!



A Bread and Butter Letter to Louise Nicklin after visiting them Sept. 15-24,1950

Dear Friend of the Micklin-Gaston tribe,
I pray you, lend an ear,
To these good wishes that I send-
Health ,happiness, good cheer!

I wish that I could fully tell
How I enjoyed those days!
I’m sending you most cordial thanks
And singing yet, your praise.

I still enjoy, as I recall,
And live the hours again,
And when you’re famous, I shall say,
” I knew them, way back when.”

Those darlings, little blue-eyed Jane,
And brown-eyed Doris,too.
They put their heads together, then
Surprising things they do!

When Marjorie, in her clear, sweet voice,
At evening ” service” sings,
I dream of what the years may hold
Of good and splendid things.

John makes me think of Knights of Old,
(But minus swords and lances).
With thoughtful acts of courtesy,
Our pleasure he enhances.

Then Mimi comes in hopefully,
As such a Mother can
I’m sure she must be pleased as Punch,
With such a gifted clan.

For Geraldine with quiet grace,
Presides wherever needed,
And is a daughter’s model, who
Is being aptly heeded.

I hope that at some future time,
I may a rain check claim
On Bobbie’s kindly promises,
And hear him play again.

And you, my dear, you fill your place, find
At home, and school, and church.
I’ll ne’er find one excel you, though
Through all the worlds I search.

It’s good to see my folks again,
It makes me stop and ponder,
If it be true, as has been said,
That absence makes us fonder

And so Arron we lay aside.
Each clamant, busy care,
And body, mind and soul renew,
In rest and vital prayer


And so we turn aside and rest
In holy quietness,
While with His own creative power,
He comes our souls to bless.



How sweet it is to know that we
Are always in God’s care,
In what may come of good or ill’
He’s with us, all to share.

That there is Some One standing by
Who knows our every need,
Whose loving Spirit is attuned
Our faintest cry to heed.

That he not only knows and cares,
He gives us power divine
To come off more than conqueror
In every testing time.

My heart shall ever be at peace,
Nor wonder from His side
Thru faith shall come the victory,
If I in Him abide.

The family liked the little gifts
And Dove thought it was dandy,
That Marjorie sent to Doug and him,
That good salt-water candy.

I hope some day that you will come
To see us in our home, And when you do, I promise, not
To bore you with a “pome”



On a card to Dr. W. Sproule Boyd after we Heard he had collapsed in the pulpit last Sunday, Oct. 22,1950.

Sometimes when crowded is the day
We catch the Master’s smile,
And hear His bidding, “Come away
With me and rest awhile.”

He knows the limits of our strengths,he knows
And what we can endure,
The needs of mind and body sees
And gain from Him that Peace of Mind
When we with Him abide



How good it was to hear from you ,in that nice little letter
I’m looking soon to go out and that is better.
Did the little bird fly from the wood, upon the Valentine?
It all did me a lot of good ,it seemed to me just fine!

How good it was to hear from you, in that nice little letter
I’m hoping soon to go out, too, and that is even better!

Did the little bird fly from the wood, upon your Valentine?
It all did me a lot of good–It seemed to me just fine!

How good it was to hear from you, In that nice little letter,
I’m hoping soon to go out, too, And that is even better.

Did the little bird fly from the wood, Upon your Valentine?
It all did me a lot of good—It seemed to me just fine!



Sunday on Father’s Day June 17th

When we love to pay honor to father,
Tho some Dads are far away,
For none will we count,
I think of my son and in-laws
So dear to my heart this way,
And I take this brief moment to pause
To each a warm tribute to pay.
How thoughtful they’ve been all the years
Considerate ever and kind.
Their acts helped to banish all fears
And unto my heart theirs did bind.
I pray for them each God’s best boon—
To be guided in ways of His choice.
To walk there by night and at noon
In Him more hearts may rejoice!!



To Dr. Stafford in Cumberland, who put in my
Bridge (teeth) which had come out
— for nothing

Dr. Ira H.Stafford, Washington St. Sept 1950 Cumberland,Md.
“There’s nothing so kingly as kindness”
Sang one of the poets of old,
I think we could not live without it,
Though our purses might be bulging with gold.

A kindness was shown to me lately,
That not one day were dark and drear,
But each one shining bright and clear.

But too much suns a desert made
No rain means no one’s thirst allayed or assuaged
And rainless, man his thirst ne’er slakes,
So since such wishes can’t come true,
I wish you’d keep on being you.

For you can make a dark day bright,
Make heavy burdens seem more light.
Life’s waters to the thirsty give,
Who them, reviving, bravely live.

So I am praying God instead,
You’ll ever share, as now, His Bread,
That His own life within your soul,
May ever help to make men whole..M
To Mrs. Joseph Haden, ill in the
New England Deaconess Hospital Boston, Mass.

My dear friend, I pray that you may in
All respects prosper and enjoy good health,
Just as your soul already prospers.



To my one and only little granddaughter
Leota Catherine Friend on her 4th birthday,
Nov.8,1950, accompanying a red wool pleated
Skirt with shoulder straps and a front-fastened
White blouse, edged with red-flowered ruffles
On the collar and short sleeves, and part way down the front.

I know a little secret,
D’you think that you can guess?
It’s about a certain package,
That holds a little—–.
It’s coming to remind you,
That on a special day,
You stopped with special people,
Who wanted you to stay.

It says that———loves you,
And helps to celebrate’
By sending Birthday Greetings
To you, November eight.

So won’t you put it on you,
And have your picture made?
I will serve until we see you–
Please don’t be long delayed!